DAM 999 and Mullaperiyar…!!

First of all , I will ask ” Why this controversy di?? (like Why this kolaveri di?? 🙂 )…!!

I heard of the movie DAM999 on that day when I went to my friend Else’s Engagement at Ernakulam. One of my friends (I don’t remember whether it was Aslam or Anand) told me about the script of that movie.  They said like , It is a competitor for the academy awards long before release..

DAM999 Poster
DAM999 Poster

The next morning at Chennai , the television is on and I was getting ready to office, I heard one song from the movie … Mujhe Chod Ke Kyun Gayi…. Dil Thod Ke Kyun Gayi… I loved that song and Downloaded it from Youtube in the evening after I was off from work.


Enjoy the song here.


Language – Hindi
Singer – Hariharan, Shreya Goshal
Music- Ousephachan
Lyrics- Sohan Roy
Cast – Vimala Raman, Vinay Rai, Rajit Kapur, Megha Burman, Ashish Vidyarthi, Linda Arsenio, Joshua Frederic Smith, Jaala Pickering, Jineeth Rath

Then… after some days… Today , when I was at the hotel (Dosha – kada — as we call it) I saw some news regarding the Movie , Mr Karunanidhi and Mullaperiyar…

“” DMK President M Karunanidhi today came out against the release of ” DAM 999″, aHollywood film depicting the dangers posed by the collapse of an old dam, saying it had been made based on the Mullaperiyar dam over which Tamil Nadu and Kerala are locked in a dispute. “” says The Economic Times..

After that , I came across one report from IBNlive saying


Theatre owners in Tamil Nadu on Wednesday said they will not screen ‘Dam 999’. They claim they do not want to scare people.

The movie, based on row between Tamil Nadu and Kerala over 116-year-old Mullaperiyar dam, is about what happens when the dam collapses. The movie is slated to release on November 25””

I don’t think this as the creativity of Kerala Govt (which they never showed ever before) to make such a movie for Mullaperiyar.

The movie is such a good artwork and is worth watching.. Why to deny an artwork to people especially when it is conveying some message. My own personal view is that, it should be allowed to screen in Tamilnadu also because this is not gonna hurt any Tamilian’s feelings.

Now lets come to the reality…

The capacity of Mullaperiyar Dam is  444.23 million meter cube and that of Idukki Dam is 2000 million meter cube. Mullaperiyar dam is made of slaked lime and other materials. Of such a construction, it is the only existing one. If anything happens to mullaperiyar dam, all the water will flow to Idukki dam .. Now a little mathematical calculation… 1 metre cube of water = 100kg.  So 444 million meter cube of water means 4 crore tonnes of water. So when 4 crore tonnes of weight impacts the Idukki dam, it will also be demolished.  The difference in altitude between the two dams is 1800 meter . now lets go to standard 10 physics..
U =mgh
=2444000000000kg * 9 .8M / Sec 2 * 1800M
= 4399320 billion Joules…
This is the power of such a Hydro -Bomb.. That is  equivalent to  2444000000000 kilograms,  coming down with an acceleration of  9 .8M / Sec 2 from a height of 1800M .. Can you imagine that power??
It is high time for Tamil nadu and Kerala governments to understand the situation and act accordingly. If the above scenario comes to life, no mathematical calculation can save us.

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