Is Google Plus Design copied from Facebook?

I had lots of expectations on Google’s new venture , The Google Plus. In my post ‘Google Plus’, I had shared my views on the same. I waited a long two days after the release of google plus ‘test’ . I was eager to check this all new thing.. Thanks to @maheswaranm for the invite.

While i was setting up my profile in the Google plus, one of my room mates said, this looks the same as facebook.. just compare the screenshots below.

google plus

Evident right??? Even the lines demarcating the left panel, main stream/news feed and the right panel has the same dimensions. Is the design of google plus copied?? May be, google engineers have took facebook design as a prototype. In facebook , the notification area is on the top left panel, whereas in googleplus, it is on the right. Online friends are shown on the left panel as thumbnails in facebook. The only difference in this is that, plus shows it in the conventional list style of google. The chat opens in the right side for both.

The feature which is not available in Facebook is , what they call ‘Hangouts’. , where you can have video chat with friends in your ‘Circle’. Unfortunately, I’ve never hanged out with anyone in Google Plus so far.  The concept of ‘Circle’is good, but may be compared with the ‘Group’ feature of Facebook. , But here you cannot have Circles out of unknown persons.

Sparks is something in which you can share your interests…In Google’s Official words, Use Sparks to get a constant feed of things that you’re really into and share it with friends. Anyways , Google Plus is interesting and nice to be in it..

For me , it is not as awesome as Facebook..  but new things will remain best for a small amount of time anyways.. Lets see… My overall rating for Google Plus is 7/10., and for Facebook is 7.5/10..

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