Windows Live Writer

Let me share something about Windows Writer. This is a tool included in windows live essentials pack, which may be preinstalled in newer versions of windows7. This tool lets you write your posts offline. You can review your post, while you write. This is a screenshot of the working window of this awesome tool.

windows writer screenshot

First of all you have to setup/configure your windows live writer. There are only some simple steps to start writing your post offline. This app will ask for your blog address, username and password. Then it will connect to the blog address given., and download some necessary files needed to determine the template style of your blog.

There are plug-ins so that you can insert links, pictures, photo album, table, maps, tags, videos etc in your post. You can save a local draft of the post in your system for further editing, or can save it in the blog online and edit it later/then.  With just a click on the ‘preview’ tab , you can preview your post offline. You can view the source html code if you click on the source tab.

Using windows live writer, you can add as many blogs as you can. , save any number of drafts, view your dashboard and lot more.

At last , you can set the categories and tags in the bottom of the tool interface. You can even set the publish date of the post using this awesome tool.

If you are a blogger, this app will be very useful for you. You can download the web setup of Windows Live Essentials 2011 from Microsoft Windows Website.

As I am writing this, I am researching , and I am finding out the specialities , cons and pros of this app. When offline editing is done , you can directly publish the post to your blog.



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