who is infy??

WHO IS INFY ?????????????????


I also had some sort of perplexity when I looked forward in my life… About the question above……. who is INFY???? You may have some doubt over the person who doesn’t know about INDIA’S prestigious institution “THE INFOSYS”.
Regarding the question…….
Today,,,, Sunday, January 17, 2010,,, I was walking to my church through the ring road, Pathanamthitta, I remembered about my friend Aseem, took my old NOKIA 3310 and msgd him about his brother who is an INFOSION,, who came back home for a short leave of one day from Mysore ….. My friend always says that life at Infosys is pretty tough citing the daily routine of his brother….. he says his brother is having his training till near midnight…… and gets a training period salary of 13k in his hand.. For my message,, he replied and said that INFY is not coming to CE Chengannur, after which we expect INFY to come to our college, THE CEA……. I asked him” who told you this” he replied,,,”his friend Bhagyasree from CE Chengannur” I replied “it is a good news”… he exclaimed and said it is a bad news… then came the perplexing question “”WHO IS INFY?”” he replied”INFY is short for infosys”. I said “I also know it”. My question was not in the simple literal meaning..
I was asking him that who is this infy for him….that it became a bad news that it is not coming to CEC or CEA… I stopped the conversation as I reached my church…… I thought of it on the way back to home…
Some people worry that they are not placed. The purpose of studying b-tech for them is just to get a job in some IT or ITES or BPO fields… actually, companies doesn’t need b-tech people for the jobs at the above mentioned fields.. there is no direct connection between the core subjects we study during b-tech and jobs @ typical MNC’s They just need people who can think well and find better solutions for their/their client’s problems. That’s why aptitude is tested in the selection process. They just don’t merely look the percentage of marks gained in exams and take guys….

It is a sentence from the conversation between I, ME, MYSELF and GOD, in the book “every man’s speaking tree”. The book is a compilation of many small articles by THE TIMES OF INDIA. The authors range from Mata Amrithananda Mayi to Joseph Ratzinger (POPE BENEDICT XVI) and from Osho to Dr APJ Abdul Kalam…
Every one of you may have fear about tomorrow… Fear is human… in bible it is said “can you increase the length of a silly hair by worrying?? “ Tomorrow will come tomorrow only.. you don’t know,, where you are tomorrow, may be in infy, in wipro, in spectrum ,in any other MNC, in a national bank, may be doing m-tech, may be clearing your supply’s, may be doing MBA or may be catching flies…….
THESE ARE UNCERTAIN…. Then what is CERTAIN???? It is you, this moment and the past…. Believe yourself, live the life this moment… and get lessons from the past experiences. LIFE WILL BE INTERESTING

I am a person who believes in destiny… I believe that GOD has determined my position long before my birth… he is giving me my today so that I could reach my tomorrow.. this belief makes me cool at times of uncertainty.

You are certain about this moment, do your duties for this moment and don’t bother about the next. Enjoy each and every single moment of life… Share your happiness… be cool and happy like a kid… if anything is to come,, let it come.. THE NEXT MOMENT WILL BE THE PRESENT MOMENT ONLY AFTER THIS MOMENT.

Whether INFY is gonna come, or WIPRO,,, just tell aaja,, dekh lenge… this is the sort of mentality we need in the current scenario….
Wishing you a bright future ahead……. MAD

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