25 paise to be discontinued

This is the last day, that u can use all those tiny shiny 25 paise coins for transactions. This is gonna end today..  25paise will also go through the same way as 10paise went an year ago.


Different flavors of 25 paise 

Also, the entries in books of accounts, pricing of products, services and taxes should be rounded off to 50 paise or whole rupee from tomorrow,.. The reason behind taking such a decision is that manufacturing currency coins in their current shape and size required good amount of money and that is on the rise given the fact that the steel prices are on the upmove. In plain english, the cost of producing a 25paise coin is more than 25 paise.  Thats why its is also going behind the curtain.


In my school times i used to buy “then muttai” for 10 paise and “chakkara muttai” for 25 paise, . I couldn’t find a similar taste anywhere till date. Nostalgic 🙂

This discontinuation of 25 paise can have impact on a little rural area economies where they use every paise effectively, they earn. The price of little things may go up..  and can erase the schooltime smiles of little children in such areas.


anyway, i can wish only good bye to this denomination… Bye Bye 25 paise 🙁

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