Now Directly Upload Photos To Twitter

Twitter has just introduced a service with which we can directly upload photos to twitter. You can see a new camera icon to the left of the location icon below the tweet field. screen capture 2011-8-19-22-11-26

Just click on the icon. It will popup a new window in which you can select the picture to share. Select the picture and click open. It will show up a small thumbnail of the image you selected. screen capture 2011-8-19-22-11-1

You can now share the pic with a comment or caption or whatever things you want to.


The uploaded pic looks like this screen capture 2011-8-19-22-25-25


This service is powered by Photobucket.

Previously we were using thirdparty service providers for uploading photos and sharing them in twitter. As twitter has incorporated this service with the help of photobucket,  I don’t know what is gonna happen with Twitpic , Yfrog  and such third party service providers…

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