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I am an animal lover, A dog lover in particular.. But I dont think I am humane enough to give my blood in a bowl to a biting Mosquito.


If life is the same thing for all organisms including the single celled amoeba and the Gigantic Blue whale, you are doing a cold blooded slaughter when you brush your teeth, walk on your lawn and clean your toilet.. Literally you are killing a multitude of LIVING ORGANISMS then and there while you carry on with your normal lives.

How many non-vegetarians are here.. Open up another #SaveChicken #BoycottKFC #BoycottTandoori campaign.

How many vegans here.. Don’t have doubt.. Plants are living things.. Oh.. They don’t feel pain when they are sliced into sambaar or your vegetable sandwiches? JC Bose , the great Indian scientist Proved that plants do have feelings.. Start off a #SavePotato campaign.. Love the delicious Masala dosa and Vadai combo ? Yeeah…let’s do a #BoycottAryaas campaign..

Quoting from somebody’s Quora post;
Wisdom is knowing what is right, or good and what is the right or good time to do what is right or good depending on the level of nonduality that we are speaking of in a given situation. Wisdom has to do with Virtues and knowing how to avoid vices and what virtues to exemplify in a given situation. Wisdom is usually gained by applying knowledge to experience and seeing what worked and what did not work in give circumstances. It is insight that is the source of Wisdom. Insight is a deeper understanding that reveals the inner coherence of experiences and this is what generates the criterion by which one knows what is the right time and what is the right thing to do or not do at that time, i.e. how to act with wisdom.

I don’t think I need to explain why it is wisdom to control the consequences finding the root cause.

Foot Note : I don’t assume that the Kerala government has took such drastic measures in controlling rabid Dogs like culling. However I think It should be controlled in order to maintain peaceful living conditions to the general masses.


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