Shashi Tharoor!!! why i support him?????????

First and foremost, I will tell you that I m not talking in favour or not of any political view. But instead I would tell you about the things which I felt i should share.

We , the young genera is font of new age games and sports. Preferably we love POWER games and sports. That’s why the t20 has been made. We all love and like to watch t20 than the conventional form of test cricket. I also personally like it. Getting inspiration from the European and Australian t20 leagues, the BCCI started The INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE. Its just a briefing of the IPL in THEORY.

In practice, its is different, as we engineers do in our labs. There is some other form of cricket behind the screen. People say, even match fixing is there, I don’t know. I am writing this because, I felt it shouldnt go unnoticed and ignored.

Shashi tharoor.,,. Talking about him, he was not brought up as a politician. I meant, he didn’t know about the WAY how things are done. Indian politicians through experience know how to get things done in a tricky manner. In the curious case of Shashi Tharoor, this was not done.

The KOCHI IPL team was some distant dream for us. It was made possible by the consortium led by RENDEZVOUS. It was a group of many investors including one keralite Vivek. As it was a group of investors, it had to be coordinated. Being a member of the parliament from the state and an expert in management, shashi tharoor was there in the bid process. It’s the duty of a MP to be in things which will lead to the good of the wolks. In this context, I would like to remind you about the Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi.

He is the OWNER of the famous football club A.C MILAN. He is making profit from it, as the team is in frontier of club football. Being a prime minister, he does it. Then how it will be guilty to direct a group of investors for the eventual result of developing the region, and the whole of kerala. He has got immense potential to be the leader.

Think, isn’t it injustice? Lets not be blind nor pretend to be. We need to support him. Support shashi tharoor.

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