madness is back again

what shall i write?

this is not the bible and i am not the god.

please donot follow these writings in your life. then WHY am i writing these words? it is simply because i dont have any other work to do in the mean time. ya.. there is one thing to do.. to study. so i am wasting my time now(11:06:05pm,july 20,2010),, to waste your time at a later point of time(ie. now,,as you read this),. what to do? the world is like this.. or me only? i dont know…

it is simple to say i dont know.but to search for the answer, it requires courage.

is it all ok? that is clear,, to search.. for what?. for the answer…. then the doubt is where is the question?

so first search for a question,, and think whether the question is worth searching… then search for the answer …


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