Twitter Blackbird Pie.

So , here comes my first post on a useful thing. I didn’t mean that all those gone stuff was not useful. This is something useful for wordpress bloggers. In case, if you need any citation to give in midst of your post from the microblogging king twitter.., you can very well use this stuff.

This is code named Twitter Blackbird Pie.; nothing like code-naming and all, it is  just a name. .

This is so simple., and after you have done the following steps, it will look like this.



Yeah… this is me. Dont forget to follow me.. 🙂

Shall we start ????

Yeah,…., .  You can now goto twitter, select the tweet which you want to cite in your blog. Click on the timestamp of the tweet as shown below.

click on the timestamp

Clicking on the timestamp leads you to a page like the one shown below.

screenshot of the link(timestamp)

Now check the address bar of your browser. Copy the address.

copy the link address

You are almost done. Now start looking at your new post in your wp blog. Paste the link in a sole single  line.

paste the link

Save your work and then preview the blog.. 🙂 Isn’t this amazing?

Give it a try.

There is some other advantage in doing this. Guess what??

If you have good traffic in your blog, and you dont have much followers in twitter…, this will help for sure. You can get more on the same subject here

Keep smiling and let others smile.. 😉

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